Seriously, why is this a thing?  I feel like it's one of those signs or laws/rules that you see and scratch your head and wonder why in the word one would need a sign, rule or law like that. Because there was a reason for it at one point.  Like a window that says "this is glass".  Apparently people at one time thought it was a door?  Enough so that they needed a sign.

Two women at bar with others

Enter this one... enough people were doing this and that is why doctors have put out the warning.  Oh, and by the way, they also urge people not to put any bath bombs, parsley and..... cucumbers.  Well.... don't put those up there either...

So, as long as we have cleared that up.... I want to know, WHY??  Why would a person ever think of, or put any of those things there?  Well, one of them I can probably figure out (and to each their own). but the others.. WHAT are you doing??


Just weird.  Bottom line- don't do that.



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