As it turns out, social media can be a pretty big nostalgia generator. Case in point, a post made late Sunday night on Facebook recalling the "Java Joint" music venue in St. Cloud.

A Facebook user named Lucille mentioned it in a post in which she asks for help tracking down a new copy of her Doorstep Paradise album, which has seen been scratched.

Back in the early 00s I used to go to see some of the local bands at a couple of venues around town. The building by McDonald's, Java joint etc. My favorite band to go see was Doorstep Paradise. I found my cd of theirs and I'm so incredibly sad it's scratched! I can't find any of their music online, does ANYONE on here know what I'm talking about? Does anyone have a copy of the cd I could borrow So I could burn a new one?

According to this 2016 St. Cloud Times feature, the Java Joint opened in 1990 at 455 First Street South before eventually moving to 710 St. Germain Street, which now the home of Baby's on Broadway.

The venue changed names and owners a few times before ultimately shutting down in 2007.

Stearns History Museum via Facebook: 

Los Angeles natives, Pete Wilson and Stephanie Clark were looking to start a coffeehouse, and chose St. Cloud as the location for their new business. Java Joint opened on May 15, 1990 on First Street South in St. Cloud.
In 1994, Java Joint relocated to St. Germain Street, and in 1995, Roxanne Mika took over operations. In 2001, Shawn Kroll and Troy Cagle became the new owners of the coffeehouse.
Throughout the relocations and changes in ownership, Java Joint gained a dedicated and varied clientele. Although Java Joint was largely seen as a place for teens to hangout, it was not uncommon to see professionals and high school students coexisting in the coffeehouse. A notable frequenter of Java Joint was former U.S. Senator Norm Coleman, who often stopped by for coffee on his way to Alexandria.
Over the years the owners of Java Joint tried many new things, but in addition to the coffee and tea menu, “The Original Coffee House of St. Cloud” was best known for its eclectic furniture and live music.
In 2007, Java Joint’s lease was not renewed, and the coffeehouse closed on May 24th of that year.
As for locating a replacement for that scratched CD, it looks like we have a happy ending. One of the band members has been responding to comments offering replacement CDs!

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