Back before Christmas I wrote an article about the difference in the taste of Coke from McDonalds versus anywhere else, and the lengths McDonalds takes to ensure that their Coke tasted as good as it can. 

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I’ve had a few people comment on the article saying they had never noticed before, but they were starting to pay attention now. 

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Since then, I’ve seen similar stories in several different places including national publications.  

Last week this topic caught the attention of Jason Matheson from Fox 9 TV, he is the host of the popular “The Jason Show” which airs weekday afternoons locally but he’s on in several other states as well. You can see that Jason is not only passionate about TV but how his Coke tastes too. 

This segment was all about how he could tell the difference in not only McDonalds Coke from other fountain Coke’s, but he claimed he’d be able to tell the difference in McDonalds Coke from Coke in a bottle and a can. 

As I explained in the article linked above, McDonalds goes to great lengths to make sure their Cokes taste not only better, but taste better longer, something Jason pointed out.  

There were four unlabeled cups of Coke with a straw in each of them and Jason sampled them all. The contraption that the cups were in wasn’t a highly engineered, scientific piece of equipment, but it served the purpose of holding the cups and allowing Jason to take a sip of each of them before making his prediction. 

It's possible that the labels that identified each drink were easy to see through as they were upside down on the box that held the drinks, but it’s also possible that what I mentioned last month and Jason last week, McDonalds Cokes are just better. 

Check out the video of the segment below.  

If you’ve never thought about it, try a McDonalds Coke and really savor the flavor of what’s in the cup. You’ll be like me, Jason and many others; you’ll know there is a difference in how a Coke should taste.   

But be warned, you may be changed forever after this.  

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