Apparently, this is actually a thing: Giving your vehicle a name.

This was always something that struck my funny-bone. I have never named my car, or any other inanimate object - but lots of people do this! They even assign their  vehicle a gender, and say the car has "a personality of it's own". So that leads me to my question - does your car have a name?

Come to find out, my parents both have named their vehicles. My dad drives a 2014 Cadillac named Zazzy (Big Bang Theory reference) and my mom's 2010 Lexus is MARB. Over the air, people in central Minnesota have told me about their "Little Rusty" Chevy truck, and their Mistress Yamaha custom motorcycle.

Tell me all about your car, what make it is, model, and why you named it the way you did!

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