The quick answer is yes, it does.  Especially here in Minnesota.  Some other states, not so much.  Here in Minnesota, there are several places around the state that deal with mostly or all recycled materials.  The more complex answer is yes, it is recycled, as long as you do your part to recycle correctly.  Not everything that you think can be recycled can be.  If there are things that are in the recycle bin, and aren't recyclable, it can actually contaminate your other recyclables.  This seems weird, but there it is, and separating those items at the recycle center can slow everything down.  So, the best idea is to pay attention to what is and what isn't recyclable.


There are a few companies near St. Cloud that are main places that use all or almost all recycled materials.  Avon Plastics, located in Paynesville, is one of them.

 So, seriously pay attention to what you are putting in the recycle bin.  Might take some time at first, but soon you will know what is and what isn't recyclable.