It does kind of make sense.  But does it seem like a huge expense?  I'm not gonna lie, I have thought about bringing the dog into the shower when he needs a bath.  Kill two birds kind of thing.  But I have a little dog that weighs just North of 9 pounds.  Not like this thing...

Justin LaBounty WJON
Justin LaBounty WJON

That idea wouldn't work so well with a big dog.  The dog shower is just for that... a larger dog.  It's like having the dog groomer bath in your house instead of taking the poor thing out of its comfort zone for a bath.

My thing is this... as much as I absolutely love my dog, and he is totally a part of the family, he isn't going to live forever.  And is this a frivolous expense for a furry friend that will be with you for approximately 12-15 years?  I just give my dog a bath in the regular bathtub.  He hates it, but it works.

But if you have a large dog...difficult to load into the vehicle and take him somewhere, along with expendable income, this may be your thing!

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