You could write a pretty thick book about all the great things about dogs. They are selfless. They will, without a pause, sacrifice themselves in a heartbeat to protect their master.

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There is a dog in South Dakota named Bear. This dog went above and beyond the dog code. As you probably know, South Dakota is a haven for rattlesnakes. So, when you are out tooling around in the South Dakota countryside, it's not unlikely you may encounter a rattlesnake.

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This hero Yorkshire Terrier, Bear, was out with his masters, Deven and Alex Diede, in the countryside of South Dakota. As they were walking along, Bear darted in front of Alex just in time to get bitten by a rattlesnake hidden in the grass. The snake didn't even rattle before it attacked. Had Bear not intercepted the snake, it would must certainly have bitten Alex.

The Diede's picked up Bear and rushed him to a vet for a blood transfusion. The next day Bear's vital signs were looking pretty good and he was cleared to go home. Devin Diede was interviewed by a local TV station and said he was pretty sure that if Bear had not intercepted the snake bite, his wife would have stepped right on top of the snake.

When asked about Bear he said  "He’s doing surprisingly well. He’s walking around just fine and as happy as could be. He’s a tough little guy and most definitely a hero.”

Just goes to show, you'll never have a better friend than a dog.

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