I personally can't freaking wait to see Green Day, The Smashing Pumpkins, Rancid, and The Linda Lindas at Target Field in August. A lot of my friends can't wait either.

I've noticed that some friends seem to be repeatedly "Going" to the Green Day shot (I'll explain in a bit), and it got me thinking; per usual, not very hard, but still. Do they keep changing their minds about going?


Fake Facebook Events

There was a little detail about a post on my Facebook feed that caught my attention: the "Event Host" wasn't any of the bands or even the venue (Target Field)...or even the Minnesota Twins.

screenshot via Facebook
Did they rename Target Field? NOPE (screenshot via Facebook)

Seat Jewel 247? Sounds like a Blink 182 tribute band from Saudi Arabia, but it isn't: it's a ticket resale site. While ScamAdvisor has rated it as "Likely to be legit", it's still not the venue or any of the acts performing.

Fake ticket postings are already a problem, and another page that leads you to think is an official event page for the concert is another avenue for scammers to make a buck.

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I try to be "live and let live". I'm terrible at it, but I try. Sometimes. Not so much with this one. There's an easy way to report fake events on Facebook that should be utilized more often. If it's like reporting hate speech and death threats, there'll be no consequences for the accused; but at least some effort needs to be made.

Scalpers and scammers. Yuck.

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