Ohhh boy.  Some people are so cranky.  And I've noticed that getting so much worse in the last two years...since the pandemic shut down.  And why is that?

Here's the situation.  I was walking through some trails in the woods near our house.  Suddenly, right in the middle of the trail there is a giant tree with a lot of branches everywhere that had fallen, I'm sure due to the strong winds that have been relentless recently. I tried to see if I could walk around it, since there really aren't any leaves so I thought it might be easy to walk around it.  Not so much.  It's a really BIG tree.  Looking around, it looked easier to just run through a person's yard (not that big of a yard) to get to a nearby sidewalk, than to turn around and backtrack all the way through the woods again.

That might have been a mistake.

My luck, the person who lives in the house next to the yard I walked/ran through was just coming home.  Pulling into her driveway and looking at me like I had just committed a heist...or something.  I'm thinking, ok, I'm just going to keep jogging through the yard and get out of her way as quickly as possible.  She still sat there- not even completely in her driveway, staring at me.  And I'm telling you, there were lazar beams coming out of her eyes.  At least it looked there could be.  I decided that I wouldn't even address this, and just kept going.

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Hindsight- maybe I should have let her ask what the h*** I was doing back there, because I'm sure that was going to be the first question she would ask.  I could have apologized and mentioned that I don't make a habit out of running through people's yards, but this was a unique situation.  But instead I just avoided conflict and made a mental note not to do that again.  Was that the right thing to do?  Maybe not.

Side note: people walk through our yard quite often.  I don't really care, it does bug me if people let their pets do their business on our lawn and especially if they don't pick up the poo if that's what happened.  But other than that, I don't really get too bent out of shape about it.  Everybody is different, and of course, some people are pretty cranky.

Do you have an issue with anyone walking on your yard...occasionally?

Lesson learned...stick to the trail.

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