I was watching the NFL games yesterday and keeping an eye of the scores scrolling across the bottom of my screen. I kept thinking, yeah, I think I picked that one. There I went thinking again. I didn't do near as well as I thought, but this week will be better.

Actually, I can't win, BUT YOU CAN. Just go to 1037theloon.com, click on Loonitics and under "Win Stuff" you'll find where you can make your picks for this weeks games. You have until gametime to pick your winners or change your picks. So, even if you pick them all at once, you can still go back and change your picks before gametime.  Pretty cool, right?


You could win a weekly prize of $25 to The Ultimate Sports bar & Grill and have your shot at a 55" TV and a cool $10,000 and it's all absolutely free.

The Loon Football Picks brought to you by The Ultimate Sports Bar & Grill and LGS Electronics.

Good Luck and make those picks today and pleaase don't jinx it and pick the Packers to win this Sunday.

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