If you haven't heard, some people are seeing fit to throw away their Nike wear or boycott Nike over their signing Colin Kaepernick as a spokesperson.

Spencer Platt, Getty Images
Spencer Platt, Getty Images

It makes little sense to me to boycott something you've already paid for, right? But, whatever.

We have a better idea. Instead of burning or throwing out your Nike wear, donate it. There are homeless vets and others that would be able to use it.

Makes no difference what your feelings are on the whole kneeling during the national anthem thing. Waste is waste. A lot of needy people would be happy to have this stuff.

So don't be rash and jump on the bandwagon. Donate it to someone that could use it. There are so many people, including homeless veterans, thank would welcome some decent clothing to wear no matter whose logo is on it.

Hoodies, shoes, sweatpants, etc. Keep someone who can't afford decent apparel for the coming winter warm.

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