CentraCare Spokesman Dr. George Morris joined me on WJON today.  He says positive Covid-19 patients at the St. Cloud Hospital and patients in their critical care unit are about the same as last week.  He says the treatments they are using now has really helped Covid-19 hospitalized patients and says a lot of credit goes out to the doctors and nurses.  He says they know a lot more about treating Covid-19 patients now as opposed to March and April.  Listen to my 2-part conversation with Dr. Morris below.



Dr. Morris says now that we've had a few weeks with mandatory mask use he feels as though it is helping reduce the cases locally.  He says he is concerned about K-12 students and college students returning to classes and is hoping this doesn't increase the spread of the virus.  He agrees with the Vikings to not allow fans at home games in September.  He says taking a wait and see approach in September is a good idea.

Covid-19 vaccine trials continue in the United States now but Dr. Morris says it is unlikely that a vaccine will be available to the public prior to early January 2021.  He says the medical industry is watching closely to see how Russia is handling their vaccine and to see if the United States can learn from any successes or failures that they have.

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