If you have read any of my previous posts on the Minnesotan craft beer scene, you know by now that I’m an enormous fan of Surly. Other beer snobs here in the 10,000 lakes know why they’re the best.

Every beverage they concoct is nothing short of delicious. As a fan of darker brews, I was all too excited to get to try Damien - Child of Darkness. Of course  - Darkness is their legendary Russian imperial stout (which I’ll be reviewing later this week.) So, how does Damien compare to father Darkness?

For starters, the ABV is nearly half that of Darkness, albeit still quite potent at 6.5%. It has bold, rich tones that are complimented by that classic Surly crisp bite. Obviously, it is a dark beer, but it isn’t heavy.

Many other darker brews out there are so thick that it’s quite hard to have more than one. What I love about Damien is that it has all of the desirable qualities of well brewed dark beer without the undesirable luggage.

For that reason, it’s a beer that even people who don’t typically gravitate towards the dark side can enjoy – and if you are on the dark side, it’s a solid drink to add to your “to drink” list. All and all, this is one of my favorite Surly beers. 10 out of 10.

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