This is not a great look. A motorist was pulled over for speeding in Minnesota and Wisconsin - on the same day!

The Minnesota State Patrol shared the story on their Twitter account on Monday (May 4th). Check out their tweet below:

Wow! First of all, going triple digits at any time is extremely dangerous, let alone when the speed limit is 70 MPH.

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Second of all, if you received a citation earlier in the day for speeding, you should probably learn your lesson and slow down. Sigh.

The Minnesota State Patrol has shared some sobering statistics as of late regarding speeding on Minnesota roads. In April, the Minnesota State Patrol shared the scary news that they had seen an uptick in speeding since the pandemic began. Despite issuing a warning, extreme speeding remains an issue across the state.

It is common sense but a pandemic is not an excuse to speed on the roads. Slow down and give yourself extra time to get to your destination. It is obviously hard some days but we have enough going on in the world and we don't want to add anything else to stress over. Right?

The Minnesota State Patrol also had quite the encounter in April. A trooper pulling over a motorist got quite a surprise when they looked inside the car and saw a snake slithering around. At that point, I would have ran the other way.


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