This may be the easiest dinner, but I never said it was going to be good.  I can't imagine this really being all that great, but hey, I've definitely been wrong before!  I thought the grossest thing I had heard of was the Thanksgiving dinner in a can... of soda.  Like soda that tastes like mashed potatoes or whatever they flavored it with.  Horrible.  That came out a few years ago, and I'm not sure how that went over, but I'm guessing now well.

Now, enter Pringles... yep, those Pringles.  The potato crisp thingys.  They have now flavored them to taste like all the normal Thanksgiving Dinner eats and treats.  Check out this video...

How's that for awful?  But you have to admit that it would probably be the easiest Thanksgiving Dinner you have ever put on, right?  Just open the appropriate pack and voila- you have Thanksgiving with all the trimmings.... or at least the crumbs.

Would you try it?

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