It seems like adults like to do things that we weren't necessarily allowed to do as kids.  It's like "breaking the rules" and it's allowed because you are now the adult, and you get to set the "rules".

So, if you could eat like a kid... and break the rules... what would you eat?

New research pinpointed the country’s dream menu and found that Americans would indulge in two helpings of pizza, yogurt, ice cream and finish with apple pie.

Personally, I like to eat fun things... like a sucker every so often.  Like one of those Charms Blow Pops.  The ones with the gum in the middle... and it's always too sugary and kind of sticks to your teeth.  They really aren't very good... but they are still fun to eat to get to the gummy center.

So, what would you eat as an adult that you weren't necessarily allowed to as a kid, at least not when you wanted to, anyway...

Desserts that topped the list of all-time favorites included milkshakes, chocolate chip cookies, ice cream cake and cheesecake.

While respondents embraced their adult independence, there were still behaviors that they secretly would love to do today.

Bottom line... we apparently have a sweet tooth as a society, and people still want dessert for dinner.  And basically also want to eat pizza 24/7.  And not the healthier cauliflower kind, either.  Full fat and carbs, please!