Originally from New York,  Eddie Money left the Big Apple and headed to California to purse a singing career.

What a great choice, from walking the beat as a cop in 1968 to hitting the big time as a performer. Eddie is talented can sing, write, play and has pretty good stage presence.

Like many, Eddie started performing in clubs, then in 1970 started to make his way to the charts with, "Two Tickets To Paradise", and " Baby Hold On".

Sometimes timing is everything and when MTV hit the airwaves, he took advantage of the video scene.

To compare him Hall and Oates, Eddie has has a string of Top 40 hit and many Platinum albums.

He has made many a TV appearance and Soundtrack appearance as well.

The album 'Life For The Taking" actually came out in late 1979 and a pretty decent line-up:

"Life for the Taking"  – 4:48

"Can't Keep a Good Man Down"  – 3:40

"Nightmare"  – 4:23

"Gimme Some Water" – 3:38

"Rock & Roll the Place" – 3:05

"Maybe I'm a Fool" – 3:05

"Love the Way You Love Me" – 3:38

"Maureen" – 3:38

"Nobody"  – 4:40

"Call on Me" – 6:03

He currently is married, has five children and lives in California.

"Gimme Some Water" is the featured song on 80's at 8.

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