With Chris Cornell's death last week, a lot of people all over the world are now concerned about one thing: Protecting Eddie Vedder at ALL COSTS!

If you didn't grow up in the grunge scene you may not understand. So let me explain - In the early 90's grunge music was the most popular style of music. You also had the 'Mount Rushmore of Grunge' during that time, which included the bands:


But during the years, one by one of the front-men from those bands died:

  • Nirvana's Kurt Cobain - 1994
  • Alice in Chains Layne Staley - 2002
  • Stone Temple Pilots Scott Weiland - 2015
  • Soundgarden's Chris Cornell - 2017


Now I know that Eddie is not the ONLY grunge singer left from that time period, but on the 'Mount Rushmore of Grunge' list... he's the Betty White of the group.









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