Have you been to the Eelpout Festival in Walker?  It's happening this weekend.  I have never been there for this little venture, but I have heard a lot about it.  So, I decided to look to see what it was about... because it said "click here to see what it's about".  Just looks like a drunk fest.  Which is fine... but is that all it is?  Seems like a long way to drive just to drink with a bunch of others while freezing.

Photo: International Eelpout Festival

Don't get me wrong... I LOVE Walker.  It's a cool little town.  If you have been there for Moondance Jam in the summer, then you know what I mean.  Very cool little resort town right on Leech Lake.

What am I missing out on?  Seriously, I've heard about this festival for years... what's the big attraction?  Am I really missing out if I don't go?  I think I might be...