I personally feel like Fall is the best season.  Not that Summer isn't great, but I think that I like the colors of fall, the flavors... yes, pumpkin spice things, Fall decor, that kind of thing.  Someone recently couldn't believe that Fall was my favorite over Summer.  I'm like yes, I do like Fall the best.  But with this disclaimer- I can not stand Winter!

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I've heard the deal.. well if you don't like Winter then move!  That's so dumb.  I just don't like how extreme it can be, but I do like the change of seasons.  And by the way, I did move for awhile.  I moved to Arizona for a year... and they don't really have a change of seasons.  Someone there described it as Heaven (March-May and October-early Dec) and Hell- the Summer months there.  HOT!  It is a different heat, though.  Seriously, it is... but it is still HOT.


What do you like about the Fall season?