If you're even slightly familiar with football, you know where a quarterback puts his hands to receive the snap from his center (shotgun, wildcat, and other offensive formations notwithstanding). If you don't: it's under the center's butt.

But athletes sweat. A lot. And in the middle of a professional football game is not the time and place to be too worried about hygiene.

But if it's after the game, and it's someone else's hygiene, then game on.

During an interview with ESPN's Dan Graziano, New York Giants QB Eli Manning revealed that one of the nine centers that have started an NFL game with him under center left a little something on his hands.

Stank. He left stank. It's like stink, but worse.

Was it sweat? Nope. Manning specified, "Sweat doesn't bother me. But an odor -- an odor can bother you."

An odor.

"[It's] hard to get that stench off sometimes."

Granted, Eli Manning has earned enough money to buy lovely-smelling hand sanitizer, and two Super Bowl wins can ease one's pain (especially if the offending center was snapping during a championship game), but...gross.

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