Sir Elton John feels that the record industry is ruining the music business, so he's taking his bat and ball home and starting his own game. 

In a sort of "build it and they will come" type of mentality, Sir Elton John has started Rocket Music Entertainment Group. It will be a blend of artist management, music publishing company and record label. Several artists have already signed on, including Elton himself.

He says he started Rocket Music in part because he says that he doesn't like the way the record business treats newcomers. He told Music Week that he doesn't think it's fair that a label can drop an artist after just one or two albums. Elton goes on to add that he was thinking about his own rise to stardom saying that it wasn't immediate and his first album didn't really sell all that well. It was his live performances that helped take him to the next level.

Elton is heading into the studio in January 2012 to work on a new record and will again team up with songwriting partner Bernie Taupin for the project.