There have been several restaurants and some businesses that have closed permanently.  While some of them have been torn down with something new being built in the same spot, like Ciatti's to Raisin' Cane's, there are several where the buidling still stands....empty.

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We have asked our listeners several times what restaurants you would like to see come into the St. Cloud area.  We all know that we have a plethora of fast food chicken restaurants, coffee shops, banks, car washes and just fast food in general.

There have been some suggestions for what other types of restaurants you all would like.  One of the biggest mentions is another family style restaurant.  Something like what was there prior to Pepper Jax, it used to be McMillians.  That was a restaurant that was similar to Perkins.  People could go there and hang out, have coffee, a light breakfast, or a big breakfast, your choice.  But also had options for every meal of the day along with great desserts.  It was like down home cooking.  Something that has been a very popular suggestion is Denny's.

The other very popular suggestion is a Sonic.  Sonic is a fast food restaurant where you pull up, park your car, and the wait staff comes out to serve you usually on roller skates.  They are also known for their shakes and other frozen concoctions.

Another suggestion would be a Dave and Buster's.  That would be great - something for everyone there.  And has been discribed as a "Chucky Cheese for Adults" and that is kind of true, but they have much better food.

What would you like to see in the former Pepper Jax restaurant - or any of the other empty buildings downtown St. Cloud?

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