We keep hearing about reasons why people are getting upset with Costco.  And most of it refers to their membership policies.  And the fact that they are cracking down in several ways to make sure that the people who are shopping there have actually paid for a membership to do so.  By the way, we did post 4 ways that you can shop there with out a membership legitimately.

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Anyway, usually we are talking about the great deals that you can get at Costco because you did pay for a membership.  But not everything is a great deal.  Some are much better than others, and some you are just better off buying on a smaller scale at a grocery store or a big box store instead.

Some things ar exclusive to Costco - like the giant teddy bear, the $4.99 rotisserie chicken (that they actually lose money on) and some other things.  Like this one.  It's a giant chocolate bunny.  This is a limited/seasonal item that is just around for Easter, which is March 31st this year.  This bunny is two feet tall and weighs just over 4 pounds.  The thing costs $64.  That seems hefty to me... but that isn't really the reason that people are upset.  They are upset that the bunny is apparently hollow.


@costcohotfinds2 foot tall gourmet chocolate bunny at Costco!!!♬ original sound - CostcoHotFinds

Customers feel that for $64 te bunny should at least be solid.  Can you imagine the weight of this bunny if it were solid?  Reiterating that it is 2 feet tall and already weighs just over 4 pounds!  Is this just another thing to complain about because people are salty about the membership policy?

Maybe. Or maybe pick your battles.

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