I have heard from so many of my friends who have bikes that they get the itch to go out and ride as soon as the weather starts to get nice.  We had a teaser of that this past weekend, but now Mother Nature is playing a cruel trick.

In steps the 31st Annual Donnie Smith Car and Bike show this weekend at RiverCenter.  If you can't ride them around quite yet, why not go and check them out?

Donnie Smith Car and Bike Show Donniesmithbikeshow.com
Donnie Smith Car and Bike Show Donniesmithbikeshow.com

You can even get a tattoo if you'd like while your there as well, as this show includes a tattoo expo.  I've seen a few of those as I watch Ink Master... love that show, by the way.  I always wonder how I'd feel about that though when they are kind of under a time crunch.  If you were to get a tattoo, wouldn't you want the artist to spend a bit of time on it, making it perfect, and exactly what you would like?  I certainly would.  Just sayin'.

Listen to Drew in the afternoon for your chance to win, and also in the morning with Baxter and I.  It's this Saturday and Sunday.  You get to pick the day that works best for you.

Vroom Vroom!


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