This is probably one of the least shocking stories regarding former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura.

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Most recently we heard that he was a possible candidate, running mate, in RFK Jr's possible bid for president of the United States.  That is not happening, as RFK chose Silicon Valley attorney named Nicole Shanahan as his running mate as an Independant.  \

So, on to other things.  Ventura has announced that he is moving into the edible cannibis market and pairing with Retro Bakery in Columbia Heights.  According to Fortune Magazine through MPR, Ventura is planning on some hemp derived THC edibles that will be marketed under the Jesse Ventura Farms brand.

“I’m a huge supporter of the cannabis industry. Cannabis saved my family’s life. And now it’s time for me to return to the cannabis world. And you can join me — Jesse Ventura and Ventura Farms — any time you want. We’re in the game.”

These new edibles will apparently be available for pre-order the beginning of April.  Minnesota became the 23rd state to make recreational marijuana use legal.  But there is still a pretty large gray area as far as that legalization goes.

Currently, only a few tribally owned on-reservation shops are legally allowed to sell recreational marijuana in Minnesota because tribal sovereignty exempts them from state regulation.

As far as the legalization goes with what you can and cannot do continues to change. So expect more announcements on the subject as that happens.

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