Last week's banking scam has really freaked me out. If you haven't read my scam story from last week, I'll give you a brief update.

I responded to a text that I thought was from the bank, regarding a $400 charge, and it ended up being a scam. The past week has been a mess; creating new accounts, bringing my phone and computer in to be checked for viruses, setting up my bills all over again, and alerting the credit bureaus.  I'm still shocked that I fell for this one.


There was one other piece to this story that I didn't share before, that freaks me out a little bit.

The scammer, who called herself Emily, was having a casual conversation with me as we were waiting for what I thought was the fraud department to take care of my issue, and she started talking about movies to watch.

She told me that I needed to watch a program on Netflix called "On The Line." I've never seen this movie, but it stars Mel Gibson. It's a rated R Thriller from 2022, about an edgy radio host named Elvis, who has a lot of disgruntled listeners.

One of his callers goes off the deep end, and holds his family hostage, and makes Elvis stay on the air so the whole world can hear what's going on.


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I'm not going to ruin the movie for you; but Emily the scammer sort of freaked me out. I remembered her telling me to watch this on the first call. I didn't watch it, but when she called back on day two, to let me know that everything had been completed in the fraud department, she asked me again if I had watched the show.

So I watched it the next day after I  figured out the scam.

The movie is about a radio show hosts family being terrorized by a disgruntled listener.

It makes me wonder where this scam originated? Is it happening right here in our own backyard? Does Emily know who I am? Where I am because of being in the media?

If you haven't watched the movie, watch it, and then you'll understand why it was so interesting that 'Emily' asked ME to watch it.


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