Well... didn't see that one comin''.... errr I mean.... wow.  That one is difficult to get around, right?  This claim also seems like the complete opposite from what we have always heard since the first person was diagnosed.  How is this even possible?  It seems like a joke/lie that guys tell to get women to hopefully "close the deal".


But this time there is actual scientific proof!  Check this out...

Repeated exposure to semen can alter vaginal tissue immune cells that are prime targets for HIV, reducing chances of infection, according to new research out of Philadelphia’s Wistar Institute and the University of Puerto Rico.

The article goes on to say...

The findings, published Tuesday in the journal Nature Communications, could explain why a small number of female sex workers worldwide continue to test negative despite continuous high-risk intercourse.

And I am with you... this sounds ridiculous.  But, you can't argue with science.  And there is no supporting evidence or research to say how much is actually needed.  Next thing you know... this will probably be out in pill form.

Happy Day!