The Minnesota Wild fans got some good news yesterday. Kirill Kaprizov, a player, viewed by many fans and the team as the future the team can build around, agreed to a 2-year "entry-level" contract.

Why is this such big news? What's the big deal? Because the 23-year old Kaprizov is thought to be a franchise-changing player. Some people (including myself) have said he could possibly be an Alex Ovechkin type player for this team. He's what they call a "pure goal scorer," a player that can consistently score around 40 - 50 goals a season. The Minnesota Wild has not had that type of player since Marion Gaborik, and that was a long, long time ago. In fact, Gaborik is the only player of that caliber the franchise has ever had.

The Wild drafted Kaprizov five years ago. But Kirill remained in Russia and KHL. Over the years and the changing of General Managers, left the possible signing of Kaprizov up in the air. It was looking like he might not want to come here at all. Lack of confidence in management? Not wanting to leave Russia?  It seemed like every 6 - 12 months, there was a negative story about how he might not actually come to Minnesota, and maybe the franchise should look elsewhere for the future of the team. That is all in the past now.

Jersey orders are being taken now. Get your #97 Kaprizov today.

Oh, not to take a back seat to the Kaprizov signing, the Minnesota Wild also announced yesterday that interim Head Coach Dean Evason is no longer "interim."



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