Did you sit through the boring over hyped spectacle that was the Closing Ceremony for the London 2012 Olympic Games just to see the The Who and The Kinks only to go to bed disappointed that they got bumped from the prime time coverage? You're not alone.

Angry doesn't even begin to cover it.

Eric Idle's crowd singalong to Always Look on the Bright Side of Life had a line bleeped from it and it should have been left in there to describe what NBC did to the Closing Ceremony. If you're familiar with the song, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. If not, click HERE to follow along with the bouncing ball.

According to one article from CNN, viewers are "Outraged" over what happened, and actor Nate Barlow nailed it. He sent out a tweet that said, "Why #nbcfail ranks last: no better way to turn people off a new show than to preempt @thewho & other rock legends for it." The new show he was talking about was Animal Practice, which makes its debut on NBC in the fall. A poorly placed promotional advertisement for Animal Practice also put the network under fire when they were already being heavily criticized for the tape delay of some of the more popular events just to garner higher ratings. Three billion people were watching the Closing Ceremony on TV last night and they cut it off to air some show that doesn't look remotely funny at all.

NBC Fail was a world wide trending topic last night on the popular social networking site as people took to both Twitter and Facebook to let the network know exactly what they thought about NBC's treatment of the Closing Ceremony. Performances by The Who and Ray Davies of The Kinks were pre-empted so NBC could air Animal Practice commercial free.

I wouldn't just call this debacle a fail. I would call that an epic fail. I stayed up WAY past my bed time just to see The Who perform and now I get to walk around not just tired, but tired and angry, too.

Fortunately, The Who will be performing in Minneapolis come November so I can catch them then. Also, thanks to the magic of the Internet, we can watch everything over and over HERE.

What do you think? Is this as bad or worse than Frank Sinatra getting cut off at the Grammys?

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