Sometimes, I think a person would be better off just growing their own food and drinking bottled water. I'm pretty sure even this wouldn't be safe. It's amazing how much trust we put in food sources and restaurants.

A BBC Watchdog report found that ice from fast food restaurant chains was contaminated with fecal bacteria.

Better than 50% of ice samples from major chains, including, McDonald's, KFC and Burger King were contaminated with bacteria according to the study.

Out of the 10 samples taken from KFC locations, seven were found to be contaminated. 6 from Burger King and and 3 from McDonald's the study found. Five of the seven tested at KFC were marked "severe" in the report.


What's not known, is it the employees handling the ice or the ice machines themselves not being kept as clean as possibly the reason?

Both McDonald's and Burger King have stated that "Cleanliness and hygiene are there top priority. KFC has had all ice machines cleaned throughout the company.

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