Here is the situation... a girl was in the girl's bathroom.  Seven boys entered the bathroom and blocked the doorway.  They were doing this as a protest against a student that is transitioning from female to male, and had gone to use the men's bathroom.  The girls apparently felt threatened and kneed one of the boys in the groin.  She was suspended and was not able to attend Prom, while all seven of the boys were allowed to attend.

Is this justice?  School administration decided that the girl was acting with excessive force, as the boys hadn't actually threatened her.  She said she FELT threatened.  They were blocking the doorway, after all.  Maybe they wouldn't move?


Does it seem like if she if being punished, shouldn't the boys be punished as well.  It's not ok to block the doorway and not let someone out of the bathroom.. .or whatever room it is.  The administration states that the boys were disciplined, but not to the extent that they girl was.

What are your thoughts?

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