I guess, it takes all kinds to make the world go around. It's probably no surprise this story comes out of Florida. Seems to be something in the water down there.

This guy named Andrew Lippi lives in Key West, Florida. Recently, he bought an island with estate for 8 million dollars. He must have needed some stuff for his new place so he went to Kmart to pick up some things.

He bought some skirting for his bed, a couple of coffee makers, light bulbs and a variety of other things. So far, no problem. he paid for all the stuff from Kmart.


The problem is he put the old light bulbs in the new packaging and an old pillow case in the packaging the bed skirt came in and stuck old basketballs in the coffee maker boxes. He then that all that bogus stuff and more back to Kmart for a refund.

The person working in Returns caught on to what he was trying to pull and called police.  Andrew was arrested an charged with theft of $300 worth of stuff. I'm guessing he must have spent all his money on buying that island or he's just plain cheap.

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