So, if you are at this show, what do you do?  Do you think that it's part of the show since it was on the stage, or do you run and get out of there?

I probably would originally think it was part of the show, until someone is running to put the thing out.  Then just be glad it didn't get any worse.

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This happened on Wednesday night.  And from the video it sounds like the band was kind of unaware... you have to wonder how they could be.  But the crew came out and put the fire out while the band continued to play on like nothing was happening.

It hasn't been determined what caused the fire, but the best guess is the pyrotechnics.  And if so, why would the band continue to play?  Maybe it happens often and they know that the crew will take care of it, so they just act like it's part of the show...maybe.

The good thing is that it seems like no one was hurt... just kind of a scary scene.

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