It seems like Fleetwood Mac is everywhere lately. From Lindsey Buckingham being forced out of the group to Stevie Nicks’ recent fan nomination to be inducted into the Rock-n-roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist, these guys seem to be getting more press than ever before.

They’re currently out on a pretty extensive North American tour as well. A couple of friends of mine recently had the opportunity to see them play in Kentucky and said they sounded absolutely awesome.

I know a lot of us are thrilled that the band will be performing at the Xcel Energy Center on October 22nd, but if you’re like me and hate crowds, the amount of attendees might just be enough to scare you away. Not to mention, arena concerts can be quite expensive.

A good alternative for financially broke introverts like myself is the upcoming Fleetwood Mac tribute show at Pioneer Place (St. Cloud.) It’s taking place Thursday night (October 18th) at 7:30 pm. You can get a ticket online now for $40.

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