This time of year, a lot of families start to think about travel for the holidays, or just some sort of "get out of the cold" vacation week for January through March.

If you are planning a flight for your travel plans, there are some foods and drinks that are the worst for you while flying.  These should be avoided if possible, and as you will see, there are some exceptions.


I feel like this one really needs no explanation.  But here's why anyway.  People normally retain water during air travel.  So if you consume some salty foods prior to boarding the flight, this will make things worse.  You may feel super bloated during your flight making for an uncomfortable trip.


I find this one slightly ironic since they generally offer those on board.  Carbonated beverages tend to make you feel "gassy" which can be unpleasant for you and the passengers around you.  But, there is an exception to this one- if you are feeling nauseous, the carbonation can help ease an upset stomach.


Again, a bit ironic because they offer this to you in flight as well.  The reason this one is not a great idea is because of the pressure of the cabin, a person will tend to get drunk a lot faster than if you were drinking on the ground.  But let's be honest, sometimes this is a goal of some people. Just be aware.

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Foods like asparagus, brussel sprouts, cabbage, or beans.  These are foods that are a good idea to avoid, and for obvious reasons.  You can guess the reason simply by the description of these foods.


Coffee?  Why?  That's like a staple for travel as far as I'm concerned.  But here's why it's not a great idea- coffee has the tendency to dehydrate you and to keep you awake.  Flying is generally a great time to catch up on some much needed sleep.


This is mostly if you already have a sensitive stomach. This can make your digestive system act up.  Things like toast, an avocado or a small piece of fruit can help you feel full, and not upset your digestive system.

According to some dieticians,

“A balanced meal that satisfies your thirst with water and hydrating fruits contains moderate amounts of complex carbohydrates and lean protein, and low in added sugars and sodium is ideal.

Keep it simple.

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