Feeding your dog things that you, as a person eats, isn't always the best idea.  I know that a lot of people tend to feed dogs, their pets, little pieces of things that they are eating.  Afterall, the dog is usually standing or sitting right there waiting for something, anything to fall so they can be there to grab it right away and have a little treat.

PHOTO: Kurt Kremers
PHOTO: Kurt Kremers

But, there are some things that are literally poison to your furry little friend.  The pet Webmd website has put together a list and why they are bad for your pet.  Some of these things are foods that I have seen dogs eat, and even been given these things.

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There are some things you CAN feed your dog.  Cooked lean meats, some fresh fruits like apples, bananas, watermelon... and remember to remove the seeds.  Some veggies are fine too like carrots, green beans and even the occasional baked potato.  Our dog tends to like little pieces of cheese too, but be aware of too much dairy.  This is mentioned below.

Here is the list of no-no's.  And honestly, a few of them are obvious, and a couple of them I really had no idea they were bad.  If you pet does ingest any of these things, make sure to keep the Poison control ASPCA number handy: 888-426-4435 or an emergency number for your local vet.

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