Dealing with winter in Minnesota is bad enough but dealing with it when you have a cold is worse. When you have a cold it's really a matter of keeping the length and severity of it down. Here are some foods that can help with a cold. And they're all backed by science.

Garlic: Since no one is getting close to you anyway, go crazy. Garlic help block enzymes in bacterial and viral infections and it helps your immune cells. It can also help in preventing a cold.

Oysters: They have a lot of zinc. It's recommended you take zinc as soon as you feel a cold coming. I'm not a fan of oysters but I do take a zinc supplement.

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Kiwi: There was a study done a few years back where one group of people ate kiwi and the other bananas. The kiwi group's symptons went away four days days faster.

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Almonds: It's not the nut itself, it's the outer skin. Micro-nutrients can help fight a cold by boosting the sensitivity of white blood cells.

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Chicken Soup: Believe it or not, it does work. There are immune-boosting componds in the chicken called carnosine. Studies show it helps with mucus and can help clear a stuffed nose.

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