There is a group of people from the Forest Lake area that are posing as young/underage girls online and setting up meetings with would-be predators.

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I get what these guys are trying to do.  And it's commendable. They are hunting predators.  The issue that I am having is that how safe is this?  These people are potentially doing something VERY illegal.  Something that will change their lives forever and not for the good.  They will also have to register as sex offenders if/when they are caught, serve time and possibly be released.  They will be the pariah of any community.

I'm not saying that is bad.  In fact it's awesome that they will be caught before they are able to hurt anyone.  BUT is it SAFE to be confronting these guys out in the open like this.  I know they film it, but I'd be a bit nervous.

Watch the video... the person leading this drive says he isn't afraid.  He is doing what he thinks is right... and he does turn all the info he has over to the authorities.  But he approaches them on his own... basically.

I hope all goes well.  Some people he has just stopped from committing a worse crime than supposedly talking to underage girls.  One person... so far as actually been brought up on charges.

I think this civilian "task force" is great- I'm just concerned for their safety.  That's all.

What do you think?

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