Another year, another Super Bowl without the Vikings.

"Next Year"

Well, some folks who once wore the Purple and Gold are playing in Super Bowl 50. Perhaps the list will sway you one way or the other on who you'll be rooting for (besides good commercials). How infuriating does this list make you?

Vikings-turned-Carolina Panters

I miss my mullet... (Getty Images)

Jared Allen

He was always - if anything - entertaining. The defensive end played for the Vikings from 2008-2013. An ill-fated stop in Chicago eventually led to greener (warmer?) pastures in Carolina. Although a foot injury may keep him from playing (yeah right!). My money is on Allen playing until he can't physically walk.


Remember when you screamed for me to replace Christian Ponder? Good times... (Getty Images)

Joe Webb

Yes, THAT Joe Webb. The Joe Webb that Vikings fans demanded start in place of the useless Christian Ponder. Good times. After signing with the Panthers in 2014, Webb has been a third-string QB, wide receiver, and kickoff returner...and is playing in the Super Bowl.




Taco Bell happens... (Getty Images)

Mike Remmer

The offensive tackle was a waiver-claim by the Vikings in 2013. The Panthers signed him off the Rams' practice squad late this season and has started at RT ever since.





Vikings-turned-Denver Broncos

Believe it or not, this is NOT a mugshot. (Getty Images)

Fred Pagac

Pagac was the Linebacker Coach and Defensive Coordinator for the Vikings from 2006-2013. He switched sides when he switched teams, and is the current Offensive Line Coordinator for the Broncos.




Also not a mugshot...   (Getty Images)

Joe Woods

The current Broncos Defensive Backs Coach had the same job with the Vikings from 2006-2013.







Could it be worse? Well, THIS guy could've been in the Super Bowl, had he not been waived by the Broncos last month.

Remember when you screamed for me to replace Donovan McNabb? Good times... (Getty Images)