FOX’s Lethal Weapon TV series has quietly coasted along as one of its more popular, but may come to an abrupt end. Reports indicate on-set abuse and unprofessional behavior from star Clayne Crawford is making FOX and Warner Bros. consider scrapping the series altogether.

Crawford plays the TV remake’s Martin Riggs opposite Damon Wayans’ Roger Murtaugh, both standing in for Mel Gibson and Danny Glover from the 1987 breakout action comedy. FOX’s update is currently in its second season and the most popular of Warner Bros.’ shows on the network, but a third season has apparently come into question over Crawford’s behavior. According to Deadline, the former Rectify star “has been disciplined several times over complaints of emotional abuse and creating a hostile environment,” to the point actors and crew are uncomfortable working with him again.

Crawford has not been officially fired from the series, and outright cancellation is understandably seen as a last resort. The network and studio are reportedly considering recasting the role rather than replacing Crawford’s Riggs with a new character. Crawford is said to have a “history of bad behavior” on the series and was a late addition after Wayans landed the other primary role.

It’s certainly an odd situation – and one granted notable scrutiny as the film and TV industries rethink their relationship with problematic stars. Stay tuned for more on Lethal Weapon’s fate in the meantime.

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