The weather has been basically Spring-like for almost the entire winter.  Since that has happened, a lot of people have been able to look at their lawn, driveway, home, whatever it is that may need some "sprucing" up.  The CMBA home show is a great place to check out all of those services, and maybe get a great deal on those services.

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The Home and Lifestyle Show is happening this weekend, Saturday and Sunday at River's Edge Convention Center in St. Cloud.  This year the show is FREE! ANd if you don't want to pay for parking while you are downtown, take advantage of the free parking in any of the ramps around the downtown area.

So whether you are looking to make some improvements, or if you have a new build, or thinking about building, the Home and Lifestyle show is a great place to see most of your options in one place.  And the great thing is that many of them will be running deals that are only available because of the home show "home show deals".  Plus, if you need financing for your project, you can talk with some of the many lenders that will also be there to help you out with your options.

The Home Show will be open on Saturday 9am-6pm and Sunday 10am-3pm.

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