Beer is having a good time right now. Craft brews, micro brews and home brews are exploding. Here are a few little known facts about beer. 

Did you know that there is a name for the study of beer and brewing? It's called zythology. Now, just because you drink a lot of beer doesn't mean you're a zythologist. There's actually science behind it.

There is nothing funny about drunk driving, but did you know that the first recorded instance of drinking and driving was around 2000 B.C. It happened in Egypt. Apparently, a guy was guiding his chariot after having a few and ran a lady over. Now, the cops didn't just place him under arrest and take away his license for a few months. He was crucified on the door of the establishment where he was drinking.

In another strange drunk driving story, there's something called Arbre du Tenere. Or I should say there WAS something called Arbre du Tenere. It's the tree of Tenere. Or I should say it WAS the tree of Tenere. It was the most isolated tree on Earth as the only tree for 250 miles and a landmark on the caravan routes through the Tenere region of the Sahara Desert. How do you hit the only tree for 250 miles? You do it when you're a drunk driver. That's right. In 1973 a drunk driver from Libya hit it, knocked it over and killed it.

India used to be ruled by Britain back in the day and the people of India loved beer, so when Britain used to ship beer to India, but they had to sail all the way around Africa and it would rot. So, in an attempt to stave off spoilage, brewers would add more hops which made it bitter. Those brews became known as India Pale Ales or IPAs.

Did you know that fear of an empty beer glass is an actual thing? It's called cenosillicaphobia.

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