I have always been interested in cars.  Some people have asked how I know so much about what's going on with an engine when there's an issue. No, I don't really know that much about cars and what makes them tick.  I have just had to drive a lot of POS, if you know what I mean, and things have gone wrong.  So, anything I know about an engine and having car problems comes from me having a problem with the crappy cars that I have had to drive since I had my license at 16.  Yes, the issues did begin back then.  That's what happens when you drive around cars that only cost you about $350 and above, but less than a grand.  Happy Day!


But, I do have an appreciation for cars.  What makes them look cool, from the motor, to the look of them, paint jobs, cool wheels, etc.  So, when a car show comes up, I usually will find myself wanting to go check out what people have done to fix up something that is "vintage".  That's what we say now instead of saying it's old.

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Also, what people have done to enhance performance?   Or, just seeing really old or "vintage" cars from back when they were first built.  You look at that, then look at the options that we have now with modern vehicles and it's crazy that vehicles have come as far as they have in 100 years.

Thursday, August 27th, there will be a car show out at Rollies in Sauk Rapids.  The car show is free, and you will have a chance to enter to win some cash in September.  This is according to their Facebook page.  It begins at 5 and goes until 8pm.  Fun!

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