Girl Scout cookies are no longer just a delicious, can't-stop-going-back-for-more treat.

The iconic cookies will soon be sold as a cereal. Girl Scout cookie cereal is coming to a breakfast table near you, in thin mint and caramel crunch (also known as Samoas) flavors, thanks to a partnership with breakfast cereal titan General Mills.

You'll notice that whole "limited edition" thing, so that's one of two pieces of bad news clouding this development. The other? The cereal won't be available until January, which means you simply can't get the one thing you really want for the holidays.

It's unclear how much the cereal will cost, which is somewhat of an interesting question given the price of the cookies jumped last year.

This isn't even the first time Girl Scout cookies have experimented in a different form. You may recall that back in 2014 they became a drink.

One thing is certain. Given our love affair with Girl Scout cookies, it's only a matter of time before these new offerings show up on the list of most popular cereals.

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