Recently, I've heard of so many people either being allergic or having a sensitivity to gluten.  Restaurants have special menus for people who need it, and many options in grocery stores as well.  Thing is, it's generally a bit more expensive and just kind of inconvenient as a whole.  You always need to ask for the gluten free, going to a dinner party.. need to mention gluten free, and only eat certain things or basically "pay" for it later.

gluten-free Minnesota

Wouldn't it be nice if there was something that you could do that would alleviate this issue?  Life seems like it would be much for convenient and enjoyable.  Even though it's become much more readily available, it still would be more convenient to not have to worry about this issue.

Enter the gluten allergy vaccine.  This is still in the experimental stage, but it could be a whole new way of living if it proves to work.  Early trials show that it should be safe, and now it's moving into the next phase of testing.

Stay tuned....

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