One of the things that I like about old General Stores that pop up around touristy areas is the retro candy that you can find and relive your childhood.  If you have been to a Cracker Barrel restaurant, you have probably seen retro, nostalgic candy there.  It's new candy (obviously) but with the retro packaging, which adds a cool factor to the Hershey bar or whatever it is.

Now, there is a whole retro candy store moving into the Mall of America.  This is a great opportunity to introduce your kids to candies that you may remember as a kid.  Or maybe you want to relive your childhood with some fun sweets.

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Rocket Fizz is a retro soda shop and candy store which will be opening in the Mall of America

“Rocket Fizz is must-see store that is perfect for kids or the young at heart as it allows guests to reminisce of those special childhood memories,” said Carrie Charleston, Vice President of Leasing at Mall of America. “When you walk into Rocket Fizz, you are instantly met with the perfect blend of fun and nostalgia. We can’t wait to welcome another first to market brand to the Mall and for our visitors to experience all the store’s exceptional offerings.”

I know that some people don't like to wander around the mall... any mall.  But the Mall of America brings things to do other than shop.  Take in the amusement park, mini golf, VR activities, restaurants and now a fun retro soda and candy shop.  Perfect weekend with the family.  There are some low and no calorie options as well.

If you want some fun gifts for the holidays, birthdays or just gag gifts, Rocket Fizz has those items as well.  Things like tin signs with fun sayings on them, posters, retro toys and more!

Rocket Fizz will be located on the first level, east.  The exact opening date has not been announced, they just say "soon".

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