First, it was masks.  And quite honestly, most people are willing to wear them for the greater good.  There are obviously a few people that are very vocal about wearing a mask or not wearing a mask.  But now, let's throw some of the goggle wearing in there.  That should be fun.

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I'm not sure if this is serious or not, but there was a poll taken asking about the willingness people would have to wear a pair of goggles along with the mask.  Personally.. nope!  The virus is a respiratory.  I get the transference through that, but the eye thing seems extreme.  Yes, I have heard people say that they are sure that they contracted the virus through their eyes, but let's be honest.  That seems a bit far fetched.  I'm not saying it could happen, but it seems fairly unlikely.

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So, the question came up... if asked, would you be willing to wear a pair of goggles too?  Over 25,000 people were asked.  30% of them said they would be very willing.  25% said they would be somewhat willing.  13% said they would be somewhat unwilling. And 23% said they would be very unwilling.  Personally, I fall into the somewhat unwilling category.  I would need more information showing that the goggle thing is really necessary.  Or, maybe in certain situations it would be a good idea.  Right now it seems fairly far fetched.  But, I could be wrong.  Maybe just a pair of glasses would do?

Anyway, this is just a hypothetical for now.  What part would you fall into?  From this survey, looks like most people would be willing to don the pair of goggles.


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