It's Friday. So you know what that means... Johnny U stops in and tries to make us laugh with some of his (awful) jokes.  I almost think it takes some talent to get and deliver jokes that are this bad week after week.  But sometimes he outdoes himself and the jokes are exceptionally awful.

Photo: Laura Bradshaw TSM St. Cloud
Photo: Laura Bradshaw TSM St. Cloud

This week was one of those weeks.  Johnny!  You know you can do better than this.  At least I hope he can.

It's golf season.  And if you have been paying attention at all, you know that Johnny U loves to play golf.  He complained that he had to golf in the rain last night.  Most people wouldn't have played golf in the rain, but not Johnny U- he plays golf rain or shine.  That's true dedication.  And a league.

This week he had 2 jokes again.  Both pertaining to the game of golf... here ya go.

Ok.  In all fairness, he did get some boos before he even uttered a word.  But I think the peanut gallery is just ready for things to go in that direction.  But they really should wait until he at least tells his (awful) jokes.

Then afterwards...asking me if I even know what a Mulligan is.  You'd think I was living under a rock or something. Yes, I know what a Mulligan is.  (I may have had to look it up for sure) but I KNOW!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed Lame Joke Friday, Johnny U will be back again next week with something equally as awful as this week.  Happy Father's Day!

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