Since it is golf season... finally.  Johnny U thought he would come in with a joke that was golf related.  BOMB!!  I don't even think there was a joke in there.  Seriously.

So, in true Johnny U form, he had a spare joke in his pocket.  Now this one may have been a bit funnier... but we'll let you be the judge of that one.  Here it is....

Now... we realize that with the subject matter from last Friday, it was necessary for him to come up with something that wouldn't be offensive.  But now he brings the pigs into it... last week he was offending cats.  This week.. .pigs.  JOHNNY!!  We thought you learned your lesson.  I guess not.

Or maybe that is just the nature of pigs.  Dirty pigs.  What else could you expect from a pig, right?

So, until next week, when we expect John does a little more research for a really good joke... cheers!

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